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When you need a licensed plumbing company or a team of local electricians, give us a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 or schedule an appointment.  Our team is also able to perform repairs on furnaces or air conditioners.

Our plumbers in Monmouth, Middlesex, Somerset, and Ocean counties provide professional 24 hour plumbing or electrical repair services that you can trust to be available when you need them. Our team will be on time and will stand behind their work. Our staff of local electricians provides electrical repair and installation services such as electrical troubleshooting, home rewiring repair or installation,  lighting installation, outdoor electrical repair, home remodel electrical installation, fan replacement options, and backup generator installation services. Our team of will earn your trust by displaying professional conduct and providing expert services and respect for your home. We offer electrical repair services in areas such as Elizabeth, Trenton, Middletown, Howell, Brick, Princeton, and Old Bridge, New Jersey.


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Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair & Installation

If you notice a water leak near the top of your hot water heater, this is a sign of a damaged temperature and pressure relief valve that should be replaced. Are you receiving cold water in the shower? When a water heater stops producing hot water, this is an indicator of a broken thermocouple. The thermocouple is a component that is engineered to detect the flames in your hot water heater.

If the thermocouple is broken, it will be unable to sense the flames and will deactivate the gas. Are you having problems with your water heater? We offer trustworthy water heater repair and installation services to homes in New Jersey. Give our team of emergency plumbers a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 to schedule an appointment.

Water Heater Repair

Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

The sump pump in your basement is integrated with a discharge pipe that is designed to remove water from the sump pit. Once a drainage pipe becomes clogged, the water will become stuck and gravity will cause the water to flow back down into your basement. If you notice wet floors, immediately call an emergency plumber to remove the blockage in the discharge pipe. Are you having problems with your switch?

When a sump pump is operating, it is not abnormal for the pump to move inside the basin. Once a sump pump moves, this can cause the float that is integrated with the switch to become stuck. We offer emergency plumbing repair services to households in Tom’s River and other areas of New Jersey. Give our team of emergency plumbers a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 to create an appointment.

Sump Pump Replacement & Repair

Sump Pump Repair
Plumbing Repair Services

Emergency Plumbers & Repair Solutions

Plumbing emergencies never occur at a convenient time. If you are not able to flush your toilets in your house, this is an indicator of a blockage in your sewer pipes. Depending on the location of your pipes, the source of the blockage may be tree roots. Once a tree root reaches a pipe, it will find a crack or loose connection and grow into the pipe to reach the water.

Our team of emergency plumbers have the tools and equipment necessary to locate and remove objects in your pipes to restore the flow of water. We offer emergency plumbing repair services for clogged drains, broken water lines, damaged gas pipes, and inoperable hot water heaters. Give our licensed plumbers a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 to become familiar with our plumbing solutions.

Plumbing Services

Heating & Furnace Repair Services

An easy way to increase the efficiency of your furnace is to hire a certified technician to inspect and clean the gas burners in your system. If the flames in your furnace are yellow, this is a sign of dust and dirt in your burners. When a furnace is working properly, it will produce hot blue flames. Are you unable to turn your furnace on? This is an indicator of a broken hot surface igniter or a damaged intermittent pilot light.

Depending on the age of your furnace, it may be equipped with a standing pilot light. On the other hand, a majority of new furnaces are assembled with intermittent pilot lights or hot surface ignitors. If you notice dirt or a broken igniter in your furnace, give our team a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 to create an appointment. We offer HVAC and air conditioning repair services to homes in Trenton, Brick, Howell, Middletown, and other areas of New Jersey. Our technicians will use a powerful vacuum to eliminate dirt and debris in your furnace.

Heating Services

Furnace Repair Services
Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

The source of warm air in your home may be a refrigerant leak in your central air conditioner. As an air conditioner reaches the middle of its life cycle, it is not uncommon for holes and cracks to form in the refrigerant lines. If this air conditioning repair issue is not addressed by a licensed technician, you will run out of refrigerant in your system.

Once the refrigerant is gone, the air conditioner will be unable to remove heat and humidity from the air in your house. Our team of certified technicians are trained to detect and fix holes in refrigerant pipes. In addition, we will perform an inspection of the condenser coils to confirm they are not covered in dirt, pollen, and dust. We offer dependable air conditioning repair and replacement services to households in Brick, Tom’s River, and Trenton.

Air Conditioning Repair

Electrical Repair & Maintenance

Our massive team of local electricians have the tools and gadgets necessary to replace outdated wiring behind your walls. In addition, we provide fast and safe light installation services to homes in New Jersey. Do you need help installing a new outlet or light switch? Our staff of certified electricians will help you find a new light switch with a dimmer to enhance the appearance of your rooms. In addition, we will help to find and install brand new outlets with safety covers to ensure your kids are safe. Give our team a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 to schedule an appointment.

Electrical Services

Electrical Repair

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Reliable Plumbing & HVAC Repair Services

Residential Electricians & Electrical Services in New JerseyWe are a premier plumbing and electrical repair service that is available to residents in New Jersey. We provide you with excellent electrical, HVAC, and plumbing solutions.  Our local electricians and plumbers offer services in Monmouth county, Ocean county, Middlesex county, Somerset county, Union county, Mercer county, and Burlington county. Our 24 hour plumbing company offers solutions such as drain cleaning, water heater repair or installation, gas or water line repair,  sump pump installation, faucet installation, boiler replacement, plumbing line leak repair, and fixture replacement.  We take pride for being a local electrical company and plumbing resource run by a veteran with over 20 years in the business.

You can trust our local electricians and 24 hour plumbing company in Middletown and other areas of New Jersey for moderate to severe electrical or plumbing issues. When you work with us, you can count on availability, up-front fair pricing and reliability. We offer plumbing repair, HVAC, and electrical repair services in locations of New Jersey such as Jackson, Manchester, Manalapan, Howell, Middletown, Elizabeth, Old Bridge, Brick, and Manchester. Our team provides the most comprehensive selection of air conditioning solutions. We offer services such as air conditioning installation or replacement, air conditioning repair, and air conditioning maintenance or tune up services.

So whether you have an emergency with your furnace or air conditioning unit, or need help with an installation or repair, don’t sit around wondering when a repair guy is going to show up. Our local electricians and 24 hour plumbing company offer heating solutions such as gas furnace repair or installation, furnace tune ups, boiler installation, and other emergency heating options. Give Team Electric, Plumbing & Air a call at 732-201-3305. We’re prompt. We’re responsible. We will respect you and your home.

Plumbing & HVAC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are you having an issue with your water heater, plumbing system, furnace, or air conditioner? View our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) below to confirm if you’re able to find a solution to your problem. If you need assistance with a plumbing or HVAC issue, give our team a call by phone at (732) 201-3305.

The proper water heater size for your property will vary depending on the total number of people living in your house. For example, a family will require a larger water heater when compared to a single couple. An average household of 3 to 4 people will need a hot water heater with a 50 – 60 gallon tank.

On the other hand, a single couple that does not have children may only require a 30 – 40 gallon water heater. In rare cases, you may be required to purchase a water heater with a 80 gallon tank or lager if you have 5 or more people living in your household. An average family with 2 adults and 2 kids will be able to survive with a 60 gallon water heater or smaller depending on factors such as water usage behaviors and appliance usage.

If you are continuously operating 2 – 3 appliances that rely on water, you may require a bigger water heater when compared to other households. For example, you may run low on hot water while you shower if you are performing a load of laundry. An excellent way to preserve your supply of warm water is to spread out daily routines such as bathing, laundry, and dish washing. Prior to purchasing a new water heater, it’s important to talk with a licensed emergency plumber in your area about water heater sizes.

A water heater that is too small is required to operate continuously to fulfill your hot water needs. Ordinary issues with overactive water heaters include broken parts and expensive repairs. On the other hand, a water heater that is too large for your house will utilize too much energy to operate. This type of problem will cause your utility bills to increase each month. To avoid costly repairs and high energy bills, we will be required to determine the exact amount of hot water your family needs on a daily basis.

The best way to choose a water heater size is to calculate the “Peak Hour Demand” in your home. This metric refers to the maximum number of gallons of water you consume per hour each day. The majority of hot water in a standard household is allocated to showers, dish washing, and laundry. If you need help choosing a water heater size for your family, give our team a call by phone at (732) 201-3305. Our emergency plumbers offer dependable water heater repair and installation services in Brick and other areas of New Jersey.

If you’ve talked with your neighbors in the past about ways to save money on energy bills, you may have been told it’s a good idea to keep your air conditioner on throughout the day when you’re not home to save money. Some people believe that it will cost more money to continuously activate and deactivate a central air conditioner when compared to keeping it on.

This is a myth that is being spread by inexperienced technicians in the HVAC field. In reality, you will spend more money each month operating an air conditioner consistently when compared to deactivating it when you’re not home. Operating a central air conditioner throughout the day will decrease the life cycle of the parts and components in the system. An easy way to add a couple of years to the lifespan of an air conditioner is to turn it off when you’re at the office or school. Another way to save money on your electricity bill is to increase the temperature on your thermostat by a single degree.

Pick a reasonable temperature to use throughout the summer to keep your household livable. In addition, purchasing a programmable thermostat is a quick and easy way to decrease the amount of electricity you utilize on a daily basis. If your cooling bills are too high, give our team a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 to discuss updating to a new two-stage or variable-speed central air conditioning system. We offer safe and dependable air conditioning repair services in areas of New Jersey such as Trenton, Middletown, Tom’s River, and Brick.

The compressor in a central air conditioner is engineered to distribute refrigerant to different components throughout the system. Once a compressor reaches the end of its life cycle, your air conditioner will be unable to remove heat from the air in your household. To help prevent issues with your air conditioner, it’s important to become familiar with the main causes of compressor failure.

Low Supply of Oil

The interior of a compressor includes motor oil that is designed to preserve internal parts, wires, and hardware. Once the supply of oil becomes too low, the total amount of friction between parts in the compressor will increase. If the oil is not restored, the parts in the compressor will begin to break. The only way to preserve the parts is to hire a licensed technician to refill the oil when it becomes too low.

As your air conditioner becomes older, the oil may begin to mix with the refrigerant. On the other hand, a low supply of oil may be due to a leak in the central air conditioner. In some cases, the cause of excess friction in an air conditioner may be due to deteriorating oil. If your system does not have enough oil, the interior temperature will start to rise and the compressor will eventually become inoperable.

Clogged Expansion Valve

Your central air conditioner is equipped with an expansion valve that is engineered to inhibit the distribution of refrigerant to the evaporator coils. The valve is integrated with the refrigerant line that connects your outdoor condenser to the evaporator coils in your house. Once the refrigerant is processed by the expansion valve, the pressure and temperature will start to decrease. After the cold refrigerant reaches the coils, it absorbs excess heat energy from the air in your household.

Due to the miniature size of the orifice on the expansion valve, it is not uncommon for a blockage to form near the valve. A majority of blockages are caused by dirt, dust, and debris in the central air conditioning system. Once the clog in the expansion valve becomes too severe, the refrigerant will be unable to reach the evaporator coils to extract heat from the air. A clogged expansion valve may lead to a backup of refrigerant in the refrigerant lines and outdoor condenser.

If your evaporator coils and compressor are not able to receive a sufficient amount of refrigerant, the compressor will become inefficient and burn out. Unless you have an HVAC license, you will be unable to eliminate the blockage in the expansion valve. To receive help with an emergency heating or air conditioning issue, give our team a call by phone at (732) 201-3305. We offer safe and trustworthy air conditioning repair, maintenance, and replacement services in areas of New Jersey such as Tom’s River and Trenton.

PVC pipes have become popular in the plumbing industry because they are lightweight and easy to carry. Although it may take an entire crew of technicians to carry a large iron pipe, a PVC pipe is able to be transported by a single person. In addition, this type of pipe takes less time to install when compared to steel pipes. An advantage of PVC pipes includes secure joints that are designed to prevent water leaks.

The joints are secured together with force or cement to ensure water is not able to escape. It has been proven through numerous applications that PVC pipes are the superior choice for water distribution in households.Modern PVC pipes are assembled with Fusion joints that provide a water-resistant connection in trenchless applications. Our emergency plumbers offer PVC pipe repair and installation services in areas of New Jersey such as Jackson, Old Bridge, Trenton, and Howell.

An obvious advantage of using PEX pipes instead of copper is price. This type of piping material is a fraction of the price of copper. In addition, it costs less money to install PEX pipes since they eliminate the need for soldering. PEX pipes are flexible and easy to bend around tight corners of households. The only way to turn a corner with copper is to integrate two pipes together. PEX pipes are also preferred by licensed plumbers because they can be color coded to configure hot and cold water lines.

Blue PEX pipes are used to distribute cold water while red PEX pipes are utilized to circulate hot water. The biggest advantage of investing in PEX pipes rather than copper is resistance to deterioration. PEX pipes do not deteriorate like in suburbs or cities with acidic water like copper pipes. If you want to replace copper pipes in your household with PEX, give our team of emergency plumbers a call by phone at (732) 201-3305. We offer water line and plumbing repair services to homeowners in Brick and other areas of New Jersey.

Copper pipes are more resistant to corrosion when compared to galvanized steel pipes. In addition, copper pipes are lightweight and easy to install in households. This type of piping is engineered to distribute water and liquid in long distances to meet your requirements.A variable to consider prior to purchasing new water pipes for your house is the environment. Copper pipes are less harmful towards the environment when compared to plastic pipes because they are assembled with materials that are readily available.

Loose Temperature & Pressure Valve

An ordinary location for a leak on a water heater is the temperature and pressure (T & P) valve. If the valve was recently removed to fix an issue, it’s important to confirm that it was attached properly. To fix a water leak, you may be required to tighten or reattach the temperature and pressure relief valve to the hot water heater. On the other hand, a moderate leak near the valve may be a sign the water is too hot in the tank. To alleviate this issue, we recommend adjusting the thermostat to decrease the temperature of the water in the tank.

Malfunctioning Drain Valve

If you notice a water leak near the drain valve of your hot water heater, it’s important to confirm the valve is completely closed. It is not uncommon for old water heaters to form a leak once they are drained. The easiest way to fix this type of water leak is to connect a hose cap to the valve. On the other hand, you may be required to replace a malfunctioning drain valve to eliminate the water leak in your house. Prior to replacing the drain valve, you will need to deactivate the hot water and flush the water from the tank.

Although it may be easy to conclude that the water on the floor near your water heater is due to a crack in the water tank, we do not recommend jumping to conclusions. The excess water may be due to a loose or damaged water supply line. In some cases, a crack or hole may form in the flexible supply pipes above the tank. To confirm if your water pipes are damaged, disassemble the insulation surrounding the pipes and perform a visual inspection.

If you notice a crack on a water supply line, use the water shutoff valve that is integrated with the cold water pipe to deactivate the water. Once the water is deactivated, remove and replace the flexible water supply lines that are integrated with the water heater. If you need help removing a damaged water pipe, give our team a call by phone at (732) 201-3305. We offer water heater and plumbing repair services in areas of New Jersey such as Manchester, Jackson, Howell, Brick, and Tom’s River.

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