Team Services Surge Protection

The Storm Rages Outside

You’re feeling safe and secure in your beautiful home. You’ve prepared for everything except…

…the lightning that strikes the telephone pole next to the house. In an instant, it sends a 200,000-amp tidal wave throughout your 20-amp wired home, making it burn like a light bulb filament. It bypasses your main breaker panel to the circuits of your refrigerator, your stove, your temperature controls, your dimmer switches, your entertainment center, your satellite system, your computer motherboard, and of course your hard drives with all the information you’ve stored on them for years.

It Only Takes a Nanosecond

You hopefully will never have your house struck by lightning; however, a more common and equally dangerous surge would be from a downed power line, a sudden change in electricity from nearby factories, or even the cycling on and off by your laser printer, electric dryer, air conditioner, refrigerator, and other energy consuming devices.

The damage inflected by these minor fluctuations can be instantaneous but may not show up for months, giving you a wonderful electronic-recycle donation for your local high school. You will also have thousands of dollars in repairs.

Your House, Unplugged

Many homeowners believe that surge protection good enough to protect vulnerable equipment is a power strip. Unfortunately, they are sadly mistaken. Most surge protectors are nothing more than glorified extension cords. In a major power surge, anything plugged in will be affected, even with a power strip.

The last thing you need to be constantly worried about is unplugging all of your appliances and electronics during a storm. A surge suppression system from Team Services should be your first line of defense for all of your stored data, electronics, and house wiring, not a family-unplug-the-house drill.

Don’t wait till lightning strikes. Call today to better understand how Team Services can protect your home.

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