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Furnace Repair & Installation in New Jersey

Furnace Repair & Installation in New Jersey

Feel Comfortable In Your Home With help From The NJ Heating & Cooling Experts.

Winter in New Jersey is a bad time to discover you made a bad decision on choosing your HVAC contractor. When your new furnace refuses to fire up on a sub-zero night and your pipes start bursting, regret is little solace. Best to make the proper choice in the first place.
Here are some guidelines to assure you that you have made the right choice with Team Electric, Plumbing and Air Inc as your HVAC contractor.

Mistakes Consumers make when selecting an HVAC Contractor

Choosing an Unqualified or Unlicensed Contractor

Always ask for proof of proper licenses. Make sure the company is able to pull permits on the job. If they appear to be operating in secrecy, there may be a licensing issue.

Failure to Scrutinize Estimate

Ensure that each estimate is written on a proper form. Make sure you take the time to review the quality of the equipment and warranties offered. How do they compare with what you really want? Does the estimate include the removal of old equipment and materials?

Always Going for the Lowest Price

You should always select a contractor that promotes the quality of their installation service and equipment at reasonable rates, rather than just picking the one that offers the lowest price. The purchase price should not be the only important factor in your decision. The noise level of your new system is something you will have to live with every day, while the energy efficiency of the system will determine your NJ heating and cooling costs. Choosing the right product for your lifestyle will allow you to live comfortably and save money.

Failing to fully scrutinize the Warranty

It is important to fully understand the warranty that is being provided by the contractor. You should always inquire if the warranty covers parts only or both parts and labor. Also ask if there are any extra charges above and beyond the warranty coverage.


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