Furnace Repair Services in New Jersey

Furnace Installation Services in New Jersey

Our homes should provide us with a sense of comfort and warmth. When that warmth is taken away due to a furnace repair issue, things can get uncomfortable quickly. With proper maintenance and furnace repair services, you can provide your family with a warm, cozy home this winter. 

At Team Electric, your comfort is important to us. Our experienced technicians are trained in all the latest furnace brands and technology, meaning you can count on us for reliable furnace repair, installation, and replacement in areas of New Jersey such as Trenton, Elizabeth, Tom’s River, Elizabeth, and Brick.

Furnace Noises That May Indicate a Need For a Furnace Repair


A clicking sound could mean an issue with the ignition or heat exchanger of the furnace.


If you hear rattling noises, chances are there may be loose parts such as ductwork or fan blades that need tightening. It may also mean debris has found its way into your furnace system and a furnace repair and cleaning is in order.


When a furnace makes a banging noise upon startup, there may be an issue with the burner. It may also indicate an issue with the ductwork due to expansion and contraction. Our team offers furnace repair near your location in New Jersey to help restore your heating system. Give us a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 or fill out our Service Request Form.

Other Signs of Furnace Failure

Furnace is Causing Electrical Issues

Electrical furnace repair issues such as buzzing, tripping or flickering lights when the system first engages can be signs of a bigger issue. This should be looked at right away to avoid further electrical problems in the home.

Gas Smell Throughout the Home

Gas leaks can be dangerous. If you smell gas, leave your home and call an emergency furnace repair service immediately. We offer furnace maintenance solutions in areas of New Jersey such as Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Ocean County.

Excess Water Around the Furnace

Water can significantly damage your home. If a leak is present, it’s best to schedule an electric or gas furnace repair or installation near your location in New Jersey.

Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

A furnace is supposed to provide heat and warmth in a home. If your furnace is blowing cold air, contact a heating professional

Ignition Failure

When the pilot fails to ignite, a furnace will not provide heat to the home. Ignition repairs are typically a quick and easy fix for a skilled furnace repair technician in New Jersey.

Furnace Oil Burner Issues

If you have an oil-burning furnace, the burner may stop running for many reasons. If this happens, schedule a service call for prompt repair.  

Prepare for Winter With a Furnace Tune-Up

Scheduling a yearly furnace tune-up will ensure your furnace lasts. To prepare your furnace for the colder months ahead, we offer an exclusive 18 Point Furnace Tune-Up. Our 18 Point Furnace Tune-Up includes:

  • Inspecting and cleaning all parts
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Performing a test run to ensure your home will be nice and toasty 

Furnace Repair Services Near Your Location in New Jersey

Guarantee your family’s comfort throughout the year. We offer reliable gas and electric furnace repair services in areas such as Jackson, Princeton, Trenton, Manalapan, Howell, Middletown, Elizabeth, and Tom’s River, New Jersey. We also offer other HVAC services such as air conditioning repair and installation. Give us a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 or schedule an appointment online to receive assistance with an emergency heating repair.

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