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We offer appliance installation and repair services in New Jersey in areas such as Elizabeth, Middletown, Trenton, Princeton, Old Bridge, and Jackson. Maybe you want to add in another 220 volt plug for a second oven, or you may want to have your outdoor grill converted and connected to your natural gas. Whatever appliance you need, the professionals with Team Electric Plumbing & Air have the experience and skills needed to complete any job. When you want the best New Jersey electrician, plumber or HVAC technician give us a call.

Reliable Appliance Repair & Installation in New Jersey

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Do you need a new oven, microwave, grill, or dishwasher repaired or installed? Our certified electricians and plumbers offer appliance installation services in New Jersey.



Why It’s Important to Rely on a Professional for an Appliance Installation, Repair, or Removal Project

You can browse the internet for how to steps when you want to fix something, but when it comes to appliance repair and installation projects, it is best to work with a licensed electrician with Team Electric Plumbing & Air. Grill, microwave, or oven installation jobs will require an installation or modification of your current home electrical system. You might read about how 110 volts are not as dangerous as 220 volts, but in reality voltage isn’t what you need to worry about during an appliance installation or removal project in New Jersey.

The electrical current that is generated by your home electrical system is dangerous for individuals to interact with. All it takes to stop your heart is 15 amps of current. The electricity in your home is alternating current or AC. When you get shocked with alternating current, it causes your muscles to contract and your body freezes up. You will be physically unable to move, let alone release the wire. The best way to protect yourself from bodily harm is to grab your phone and schedule an appliance installation visit with a professional New Jersey electrician. We offer oven and appliance repair or installation services in locations such as Somerset County, Camden County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Middlesex County. Here at Team Electric, we have more than 20 years of experience helping the residents of New Jersey with their appliance installation and repair needs.

Gas lines are even more dangerous. No matter how much you respect your skilled neighbor, you should never allow anyone who is not a licensed plumber to tinker with your gas lines. Gas leaks can cause catastrophic damage to your home and entire neighborhoods. If you want gas lines run for an outdoor fire pit, grill, or other appliance you need to call in the professionals. Keep your home and neighbors safe by calling Team Electric Plumbing & Air. We have certified electricians and plumbers that have years of experience with gas line installation and appliance repair in New Jersey. We can run new electrical and gas lines for any of your appliances.

Entertainment System & Appliance Installation

Not only are we experts with running electricity, water and gas lines, our technicians can help you with your surround sound, data lines, phone lines, and cable lines. If electricity runs through it, our technicians will understand what to do. Our technicians arrive to your home ready to work and come prepared with all of the tools of the trade. We offer appliance installation and repair services in areas such as Freehold, Manalapan, Jackson, Elizabeth, Trenton, Old Bridge, Princeton, and Howell, New Jersey.

Outdoor Done Right

Maybe you want to add exterior lighting, pathway lights, a whirlpool, or an outdoor grill and kitchen area. When it comes to working outside, electricity and water do not mix. Our technicians perform appliance installation projects the right way the first time. That way, you can use any outdoor appliance without worry. When you want the best appliance repair and installation services, you need Team Electric Plumbing & Air, call us at 732-201-3305. If you have ideas, we have the methods. If you want a price quote, we will give it to you for free. View our testimonials to learn more about our electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services.

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