Electrical Services for Home Remodels in New Jersey

When you are ready to update and remodel your home, Team Electric Plumbing & Air has licensed electricians ready to help you out. When you need a New Jersey Electrician, we are your answer.

If you have a home that was built in the 1960’s or early 1970’s, you might have aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring was used when copper prices were high, the probable is that aluminum wiring is not as safe or reliable as copper.

Maybe you are doing a complete remodel of your kitchen and want to move outlets of install different lights. Our certified, experienced electricians have the skills necessary to make certain that everything is installed right – and just how you want it.

Outlets and Lights: From new can lights in your kitchen, to additional outlets in your home office, we can do it all. We can run the wires, install the plugs and make certain that your circuit breaker has room for the new additions. Maybe you have a bedroom where there weren’t any ceiling lights and you want to remodel. We will work with you and make certain the light switches are where you want them and install the type of light fixture you want. When you are doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, our technicians will make certain your electrical outlets are GFCI rated and up to code. If the exterior of your home needs lighting, flood lights, or outlets, we will make sure that everything is installed with the right waterproof materials.

Data Lines: Homeowners want to bring their homes into the modern technology age and during remodels are adding data (internet) lines. If you have never worked with CAT-5, CAT-6 or CAT-7 data lines you are in for frustration and headache. If you want to save yourself from serious confusion, give Team Electric Plumbing & Air a call. Our electricians understand data lines and will install them right. We can run the lines the room you want and install the outlets. With us on your side all you will need to do is plug your computer in and enjoy.

Home Theater: Maybe you are converting an oversized bedroom into a home theater. You are going to want surround sound and enough outlets for your television and home theater. With Team Electric Plumbing & Air you get electricians that have experience with every type of electrical wiring. That means, you will have the outlets you need and the wiring and outlets for your speakers will be ready for you to use when your renovation project is complete.

Phone lines: If you want phone outlets moved, or installed in different rooms, we can help you with that as well.

Team Electric Plumbing & Air

From phone and cable lines to data and standard electricity, our technicians have the experience needed to help you complete the electrical side of your home renovation project. When you call Team Electric Plumbing & Air, you are putting our years of expertise to work for you. Give us a call at (732) 786-9231 and experience our superior customer service for yourself.