Furnace Installation & Replacement Services in New Jersey

Furnace Installation Services in New Jersey

Is your furnace ready for cooler days and chilly nights? At Team Electric, our team of local HVAC contractors are on call to perform emergency furnace installation projects for all furnace makes and models. We offer furnace repair and installation services throughout throughout Princeton, Old Bridge, Elizabeth, Jackson, Freehold, Middletown, Trenton, and Howell, New Jersey. Give us a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 or fill out our Service Request Form to receive assistance.

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Signs Your Furnace Is On Its Last Legs

We’ve compiled a list of the most common furnace issues so you’ll know what to look for before your furnace calls it quits:

High Energy Bills Indicate An Inefficient Furnace

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills year over year? This increase may be a sign that your furnace is no longer running efficiently. Whether this calls for a simple heating repair, furnace tune-up,  or replacement, you’ll want to contact an HVAC contractor near you  to have it checked out.

Excess Dust & Dirt In Your Home Is a Sign Of a Failing Furnace

Have you noticed an increase in dust, dirt, soot, or other debris in your home? When a furnace is correctly doing its job, these potential allergens should be filtered out of the air. An increase in dust or dirt is a sign your furnace system needs replacing. Schedule a furnace installation appointment with our team of local HVAC contractors near you in New Jersey.

Humidity Levels on the Rise

Moist, humid air has no place in the home. Working furnace systems should regulate the humidity in our homes, ensuring they are at a comfortable level. If the air in your home begins to feel heavy or humid when your furnace is in use, it’s time to call book a visit with our team of HVAC contractors near you in areas such as Tom’s River, Trenton, Middletown, Manalapan, Elizabeth, and Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Uneven Heat is a Clear Indicator Of a Furnace Issue

Each room in your home should feel as comfortable as the next. Heating systems are designed to provide even heat distribution in homes. Uneven heat distribution may mean your furnace is unable to distribute the air throughout your home properly. If you notice uneven heat distribution in your home, you may need to perform a electric or gas furnace installation with a professional. Give us a call by phone at  (703) 201-3305 or fill out our Service Request Form to receive assistance.

Odd Noises

Notice loud noises such as rattles, buzzes, or hums coming from your furnace? Structural issues such as cracks and leaks in the system may be to blame. Talk to our team of licensed HVAC contractors near you for advice on ways to eliminate these noises, including replacing your system. In addition to heating services, our team also provides other solutions such as air conditioning repairinstallation, and tune-up.

Age of Furnace

Depending on usage and upkeep, the average lifespan of a furnace is between 15-20 years. If your furnace is getting up there in years, or you’ve noticed rust or cracking in your system, you may need a replacement.

Increase in Maintenance

Do you find yourself paying for furnace-related repair issues often? These furnace repair calls dd up over time. Replacing your furnace may be a better, money-saving option in the long run.

Benefits of a Gas Furnace

When choosing between a gas and electric furnace, there are a few things to consider. While gas furnaces can cost more to install upfront, the savings over time can be significant.

Historically, natural gas is cheaper than electricity. With this being the case, an electric furnace can cost three times as much to run when compared to a gas-fueled furnace. The lifespan of an electric furnace is also shorter than that of a gas furnace. Gas furnace systems can last between 10 years or more, while an electric system may need to be replaced in half that time.

As you can see, although cheaper to install, the long-term cost of an electric furnace is much higher than the long-term cost of a gas furnace. We offer reliable and affordable gas furnace installation services in locations such as Burlington County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Ocean County, and Union County.

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Not sure which furnace system is right for you? Let Team Electric help you decide! Our team of local HVAC contractors in New Jersey are here to help assess your home furnace needs and point you in the right direction. Reach out today for speedy, reliable furnace installation services!

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