Shower Installation, Replacement, & Upgrades in New Jersey

If you ask someone where they were when they got a good idea, did you know that it is likely they got it in the shower? Just think about it, you start your day off with a nice relaxing shower, you clean off any dirt and emerge feeling fresh and clean. If you decide that your shower needs to have a few upgrades in order to be worthy of good ideas, Team Electric Plumbing & Air has the plumbing and electrical expertise you need. When residents of New Jersey need a local plumber or electrician for shower remodels, they turn to us.

Plumbing & Electrical Upgrades for Your Shower

Maybe your shower needs an overhaul. You might even decide to add additional space to make your bathroom more of an ideal location. When you need your shower plumbing moved or altered, our plumbers have all the tools necessary to give you the shower you want. We can move pipes and change the location of your drains. Maybe you want a walk in shower where you can turn the water on before you are standing directly under the shower head, yep we can do that. Perhaps you want a shower that has better lighting. We can do that too. Maybe you have a specific type of shower that you read about in a magazine with multiple shower heads, body sprayers and LED lighting. We can do that. If you have an innovative shower idea, our problem solving plumbers and electricians can help. From moving pipes and drains to building the plumbing you need for your perfect shower, we can do it all.

Address the Issues

Have you ever turned on your shower, only to realize that you are only getting cold water? Or perhaps you are only getting hot water out of you tap. In order to discover the problem, you might have spent some time in your basement staring at water pipes or your water heater with a flashlight. Fortunately the problem is most likely not in your pipes. Deep in the hot cold manifold of your shower there is a little part called a mixer. The little part regulates the amount of cold or hot water exiting your shower head. If the mixer gets clogged with bits of calcite or debris, it can become inoperative. Sometimes the mixer simply wears out. You might be wondering how time consuming it would be for one of our plumber to come in and fix the issue. Since we have years of hands on experience, we can quickly identify the problem, saving you valuable time.

We may recommend installing a water softener for your New Jersey home to eliminate calcium buildup, or a water filtration system to keep things running smoothly, and protect your family from carcinogens.

The same can be said if your shower is leaking. Our technicians will diagnose the problem, find the malfunctioning part and replace it. Sometimes this is as easy as installing a new rubber washer. Team Electric Plumbing& Air is dedicated to helping you fix any shower issue in your home.

Team Electric Plumbing & Air Can Help

With Team Electric on your side, your shower can once again be the highlight of your morning. We are the plumbing experts. When you need a professional, local, New Jersey plumber dedicated to customer service, give us a call at (732) 786-9231.