Sump Pump Repair, Replacement, & Installation in New Jersey

Sump pumps are vital in aiding your home when basement flooding is a regular occurrence. A sump pump also regulates the dampness where the water table is above the foundation. These devices send water away from the home, usually to a municipal storm drain or a dry well.

Sump pumps are essential as your first line of defense against home flooding. If you have an older home, or have experienced a basement flood before but don’t currently have a sump pump, it might be time to consider installing one.

Benefits of a sump pump

A sump pump has multiple benefits if you have a home where there is a high water table. A sump pump can help prevent flooding damage and can quickly avert inches of water in your basement elsewhere, saving valuable goods in the process. This pump also reduces mold and mildew by removing the stagnant pools of water that help aid in the growth and save building material that would otherwise be damaged. A sump pump will also help eliminate risk of fire by removing the water that leads to short-circuiting the electrical that can ignite an appliance such as a dishwasher and trigger a house fire.

Warning signs your sump pump isn’t working properly

If you are unsure if your sump pump is still in working order, here are a few signs that you may be due for a repair or replacement:

  • Pump turns on and off frequently
  • Water takes a long time to drain
  • Pump is a lot louder than normal
  • Pump isn’t draining the water and/or won’t turn on
  • Pump has a foul odor

It’s critical to make sure that your sump pump is the correct size for your home, as an overworked pump will die out faster. If you are having sump pump problems, a service team can help analyze the amount of water you need to pump and suggest a unit that will meet your home’s needs.

How do you prevent floods in the first place?

A sump pump is a good place to start on the road to preventing home flooding. Other essential items to protecting your home include: fixing cracked ceilings, a rubber underlay for the roof, clean the gutters, and keeping a well cleaned septic system.

Repairs and installation

Sump pumps are useful in homes where basement flooding is a possibility. Our licensed professionals at Team Electric, Plumbing & Air in Manalapan, New Jersey would be happy to aid your family with either repairs or installation for a sump pump to help keep your home safe and flood free. Call us today at (732) 786-9231