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Air Conditioning Repair Services

When it comes to air conditioner repair services, you should expect the best. We provide superior plumbing, HVAC, & air conditioning repair and installation services. We are committed to providing on-time, friendly, affordable services to homeowners in Union County. Whether it’s cold air in the summer or warm air in the winter, Team Electric has your HVAC service needs covered. Call today at (732) 201-3305 for an estimate on your air conditioning, plumbing, or HVAC service or repair.

When your air conditioner fails, you need a reliable HVAC company on speed dial for immediate repair. That’s where the professionals at Team Electric come in! We value punctual, efficient, and effective air conditioning repair as well as complete customer satisfaction. When you need air conditioner repair, trust Team Electric to resolve the problem the first time, every time. Contact us online or call us at (732) 201-3305.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up and Repair Services

Air conditioners should only be serviced by a licensed HVAC contractor. If you notice any irregularities, call a service professional. Hiring a professional to perform an air conditioning repair can save you money in the future. During a standard air conditioner service visit, expect our Union Country team of qualified technicians to ensure the following components of your AC unit work properly:

  • • Fan motor
  • • Drain lines
  • • Motor bearings
  • • Condenser fan blades
  • • Electrical wiring and connections

Single-Stage Air Conditioning Repair Services

Unlike two-stage air conditioners capable of operating at a low or high setting, a single-stage system can only function at 100% capacity. Once the internal temperature of your home gets higher than the temperature on your thermostat, a single-stage air conditioning system works to remove moisture and heat from the air. If you’re not ready to replace your single-stage air conditioning system, our team of licensed contractors provides fast, safe, and trusted air conditioner repair services.

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Two-Stage Air Conditioning Repair Services

A two-stage air conditioner is equipped with a compressor engineered to distribute refrigerant through your AC unit at different capacities. If you have a two-stage air conditioning system, the compressor can operate on low or high mode. This type of system operates at 50% to 70% capacity while on low mode. Alternatively, when set to high mode, your system will function at 100%. Team Electric’s licensed contractors provide dependable and fast air conditioner repair services for two-stage systems throughout New Jersey.

Air Conditioning Repair

Variable-Speed Air Conditioner Repair Services

The technology in energy-efficient air conditioners utilizes less electricity to help decrease utility bills without compromising comfort. If you have a problem with your evaporator coils, compressor, fan motor, or condenser coils, give Team Electric a call at (732) 652-9340 or book an appointment online. Our team provides proven and safe emergency air conditioning repair and maintenance services in Union County, New Jersey.

Furnace Repair Services

Having a fully operational furnace is an important part of surviving winters in Union County, New Jersey. When you have a heating issue that needs to be repaired right away, contact the experts at Team Electric. It’s an honor to make sure your home remains warm and cozy during long winter nights and chilly early mornings. Schedule a furnace repair or maintenance appointment today with our team of certified HVAC contractors to receive support. We provide a variety of services for your added convenience.

  • • Furnace repair 
  • • Furnace replacement 
  • • Furnace installation 
  • • Furnace tune-up 
  • • Furnace cleaning

Prepare for Winter With a Furnace Tune-Up

Scheduling a yearly furnace tune-up will ensure your appliance lasts. To prepare your furnace for the colder months ahead, we offer an exclusive 18 Point Furnace Tune-Up. Our 18 Point Furnace Tune-Up includes:

  • •Inspecting and cleaning all parts
  • •Replacing the air filter
  • •Performing a test to ensure your home sustains the heat

Furnace Repair

Sump Pump Repair & Replacement Services

If your sump pump requires repairs, it won’t work to its full potential. Common problems include electrical outages, filtration problems, a continually running pump, and the pump emitting unusual sounds. Keep your home safe and flood-free with Team Electric plumbing services.

Team Electric plumbers can assess the problem and find solutions for you, so you won’t have to risk water damage in your basement. Our technicians will replace your broken pump with a new model or install a new sump system if it benefits your property. Trust us to make the right repairs for you! Team Electric is a trusted company in New Jersey. Give our team of emergency plumbers in Union County, NJ a call for standard maintenance or to receive assistance choosing a type of sump pump for your property.

  • • Same-day water heater installation
  • • Gas or electric water heater installation
  • • Gas or electric water heater repair
  • • Gas or electric heater replacement

Sump Pump Repair

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Drain Cleaning Services

Hair, food, grease, and other debris can clog your drain over time. If that happens, you’ll need a reliable plumbing company to come to your household and resolve the issue swiftly. At Team Electric Plumbing, HVAC, & Air Conditioning, we offer effective clogged drain services for homeowners in and around Union County.

Don’t overlook the importance of addressing your drainage issues. Cleaning your pipes regularly can help you avoid significant plumbing problems and costly repairs. Our emergency plumbers take pride in their ability to deliver efficient and reliable assistance. Whether it’s a simple clog or a complex assignment, we’re ready to take care of any task. We promise to leave your equipment operating in pristine condition. The drain cleaning plumbers at Team Electric are happy to relieve your life of plumbing repair issues. Call us today at (732) 201-3305.

Drain Cleaning Services

Plumbing Services

Our team of licensed plumbers provides trustworthy and safe emergency plumbing repair and installation services to homes in New Jersey. Our staff is happy to take their time answering any questions or concerns you have. We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients and get the job done right.

  • • Water heater repair & installation services
  • • Water line repair or replacement services
  • • Bathroom & kitchen sink replacement & repair
  • • Plumbing repair & install services

Plumbing Services

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