Ceiling, Ventilation, & Attic Fan Installation in New Jersey

When it comes to fans, Team Electric Plumbing & Air is your source for an experienced New Jersey Electrician. We have years of professional experience that allow us to work with the electricity in your home, and keep you safe. With us on your side, you know that all of you fans will be installed the right way the first time.

Moving Air

If you have always wanted a ceiling fan in your bedroom, but you didn’t want to get involved with the wiring, we understand. Working with electricity is dangerous. Our electricians are certified and understand New Jersey code. That means that your new ceiling fan will be installed right. We will make certain that there is enough joist strength to support the weight of the fan, and that the wiring is correct. If you want a remote control fan, we will make certain you get the product you want. At Team Electric Plumbing & Air, we understand that we are guests in your home. Our friendly electricians come ready to work. We are fast, friendly and efficient.

Taking out the Moisture

If you have a bathroom that doesn’t have a ventilation fan, you already understand the problems that can come from too much moisture. You have probably had to clean mold off of your walls, and noticed the rust problem on your shower rod and light fixtures. Unfortunately, there was a time when building contractors and designers figured that a small window above the shower would vent the humid air. They were wrong and you know it. Instead of battling mold and using mold resistant paints, all you need to do to solve the problem is use your phone and call Team Electric Plumbing & Air. We measure your bathroom to make certain you get the right sized exhaust fan. We run the wires, install the switch, and mount the exhaust fan. Our technicians clean up after any messes they make and leave you with a fully functioning bathroom exhaust fan. Instead of worrying about mold and rust, now all you have to do is flip a switch. That is what you get when you give us a call.

Cooling your Attic

One of the more frequent calls we get during the summer months is for attic fan installation and repair. Summers in New Jersey can be hot. Climbing around in a stuffy, stale, hot attic is not how you want to be spending your time off work. At Team Electric, it’s part of our normal routine. In fact, we’re great at it. Our technicians know how to work and they know how to get the job done right. We have experience with attic fans, we have worked on numerous models and know how to get them running. If you want one installed, we will work with you to find out what model would be best for your home.

Team Electric Plumbing & Air

From furnace blower motors and air conditioning, to exhaust and ceiling fans, we understand how to get the air moving. When you want professional electrical and air experience, give Team Electric Plumbing & Air a call at (732) 786-9231.