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Take care of your boiler so it takes care of you! Prepare for the cold season in New Jersey by creating a boiler repair or installation appointment with our team of licensed technicians. Or boiler technicians offer heating services in areas such as Brick, Tom’s River, Trenton, and Middletown. We are well-versed in all major manufacturers and models.

Our team provides installation and repair services for oil and gas boilers. In addition, we offer dependable maintenance services for radiator heating systems with no hidden fees. We will restore the distribution of warm air or hot water in your home. Give our team a call at (732) 201-3305 or schedule an appointment online to receive assistance.

Manufacturer Warranties

We take into account the quality of the unit and the manufacturer’s warranties when we perform a boiler installation or replacement. You will always know you’re getting the best deal! On top of that, all our services are backed by a signed warranty for your genuine peace of mind.

Rapid 1 Hour Emergency Responses Times

Remember the last time you got fast service? Think faster. With industry leader Team Electric, expect only a 1-hour response time for boiler repair and related heating issues. We want to make sure your home is warm and comfortable during the cold months.

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Free Estimates Offered

Not only do our Team Electric technicians carry out outstanding boiler installation, but they perform free estimates beforehand to address all your questions and gain a complete understanding of your heating system—before the work begins. This will save you money in the long run with boiler repair jobs too!


The Differences Between Steam & Hot Water Boilers

Steam and hot water boilers can both run on either gas, electricity, or oil. You can determine you have a steam boiler by performing an inspection to confirm if there is a glass tube attached to the side. Among many other parts, hot water boilers have a circulator pump to maintain a steady water flow that steam-based boilers don’t require. On the other hand, steam boilers utilize more energy to boil the water, but less to transfer the heat around your home. This makes it the best choice for old or under-insulated houses. Hot water boilers are generally thought to be more efficient than steam boilers. However, the efficiency of a hot water boiler will vary depending on the size and model. The variables that impact the efficiency of a water boiler include:

-Heat Source



-Boiler Size

-Home Size

-Home Insulation

Give our team a call by phone at (732) 201-3305 to receive assistance with choosing a new oil or gas hot water boiler. Our team of licensed technicians and plumbers in Tom’s River, NJ offer boiler repair services and will help you compare the different manufacturers, sizes, and energy sources. In addition, our staff will perform an inspection of your insulation to determine the correct boiler size for your property. If there is minimal insulation behind your walls, our technicians will recommend investing in a larger boiler to eliminate temperature fluctuations in your house.


Standard Efficiency vs. High-Efficiency Boilers: Advantages & Disadvantages

A boiler’s energy efficiency will vary depending on how well it transforms fuel such as oil or gas into usable heat. High-efficiency boilers are engineered to decrease the total amount of fuel required to produce hot water or warm air in a home. In addition, it operates at a lower cost and will help you save money on your utility bills. Once you call our team of licensed technicians to perform a boiler installation, our staff will help you find an energy-efficient boiler that is designed to retain heat and preserve gas or oil.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) Ratings of Low & High-Efficiency Boilers

The closer a boiler’s AFUE rating is to 100%, the less fuel it utilizes to create warm air and water. Not only are high-efficiency boilers more environmentally-friendly, but they can help you decrease your monthly energy bills. If you have an old boiler that is 10 years old or higher, it most likely has a low AFUE rating between 56% and 70%. Depending on a mix of factors, new boilers run at the following AFUE ranges:

AFUE Ratings for Standard & High-Efficiency Boilers:

-Minimum-Efficiency (Standard Boiler): 78% AFUE Rating
-Medium-Efficiency Boiler: 80-83% AFUE Score
-High-Efficiency Boiler: 90-98% AFUE Rating

If you’re getting confused analyzing the different AFUE ratings between oil and gas boilers, give our team of certified contractors a call by phone at (732) 201-3305. We offer boiler installation or repair services and can help you compare the advantages of medium-efficiency and energy-efficient hot water boilers. Our staff is committed to keeping household livable and comfortable.

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How a Boiler Operates

In most U.S. homes, a burner is ignited underneath a gas boiler to begin heating the water. The gas supply may originate from a central city pipe line or a propane tank on your rural property. A steam boiler creates heat by boiling water. Next, the steam rises through your home’s pipes to power your radiator. On the other hand, a hot water boiler is designed to keep your house warm by distributing hot water through a network of pipes that are connected to a radiator heating system. If you are having issues with the gas burner in your boiler, give our team a call by phone at 732-201-3305 to become familiar with our boiler repair and installation services in New Jersey.

How the Capacity of a Boiler is Measured

If you need a boiler replacement, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the process of comparing and choosing a capacity rating for your boiler. The capacity of a boiler is measured with a metric called British Thermal Units (BTU’s). This metric can be used to determine how much energy is consumed to increase 1pound. of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. To help you choose a hot water boiler with a correct BTU rating, a technician will analyze variables such as the number of windows in your house and climate.

Factors to Consider When Calculating a BTU Rating:

-Geographical Location


-Number of Windows

-Number of Doors

-Level of Insulation

You will require roughly 50 BTU’s per interior square foot in a cold climate. If you live in a warm climate, you will need to purchase a boiler that offers 20 BTU’s per square foot in your house. A house in a moderate climate will require a heating system that can provide 35 BTU’s per square foot. Do not attempt to calculate a BTU rating for your new boiler without a professional. However, it’s not a bad idea to get a rough estimate of a BTU score prior to calling a licensed technician by using a BTU calculator. If you need help finding a new boiler, our staff offers boiler repair services and will collaborate with you to determine the total amount of British Thermal Units you will require per square foot.

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Each Type of Boiler Venting System

Your boiler replacement could have the highest-efficiency rating on the market, but it won’t matter if it doesn’t match up with your home’s ventilation system. We can help you choose from chimney, power, and direct-vented boilers so the system’s exhaust is safely carried out of your home. Our staff of certified contractors and plumbers in Monmouth County, NJ take your family’s health seriously, so trust our unmatched technical expertise and boiler repair services when dealing with an acidic condensing boiler.

How the Professionals at Team Electric Keep Your Home Clean

Our job isn’t done once as the boiler is repaired or replaced! We ensure your home looks just as it did before we arrived with shoe covers, work area mats, and more. You’ll never have to deal with tools or debris left lying around after we’re gone like you might have experienced with our competitors.

Boiler Repair & Installation Services

Don’t settle for just any repair technician—get in touch with the heating specialists at Team Electric for tailor-made boiler repair or boiler installation services. We offer maintenance services for oil and gas boilers in areas of New Jersey such as Jackson, Tom’s River, Elizabeth, Howell, and Trenton. Give our team a call at (732) 201-3305 or schedule an appointment online to discuss upgrading to an energy-efficient boiler that is accompanied by guaranteed warranties.

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