New Jersey Toilet Installation, Repair, & Replacement Services in New Jersey

One of the most common household issues homeowners come across is the feared clogged toilet. Many people will try and resolve toilet problems on their own but quickly find that their DIY repair isn’t making the cut or that the problem quickly returns, due to an underlying plumbing issue that homeowners often can’t access themselves.

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What exactly causes clogged toilets?

There are many possibilities that can lead to your toilet ultimately being clogged, including toilet paper itself. Some toilet problems are actually due to brands that make toilet paper “too durable” that will eventually cause problems due to their inability to break down after it has been flushed. Using an excess amount of toilet paper is a common occurrence to a clogged toilet, especially with children around the house. 

Speaking of children, toys ending up in the toilet is also a leading cause of broken toilets. Toys, toothpaste, brushes, and countless other items have been put in the toilet. We’ve seen it all. Items can get lodged deep in the pipes that a regular plunger can’t always reach, leading to homeowners needing professional assistance so that no other damage is made.

Toilet problems are more common in older homes due to older plumbing and pipes, but clogs are not limited to older toilets and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How can you avoid toilet clogs?

Everything in moderation helps conserve your home in a good condition. Using toilet paper in moderation and educating your younger children about putting toys down the drain will help preserve your plumbing and avoid having to call in the professionals.

Look at the professional solutions

Professional service teams approach toilet issues differently that most homeowners. Instead of reaching for the plunger, a service company understands that often problems arise from a lot of underlying factors.

It is common for a system to simply need additional water to help flush items. It can be common to have a professional check the water tank to make sure it isn’t empty. If it is, that can be what’s preventing contents from being pushed through the system. Professionals can then use special chemicals, similar to drano and other pipe cleaners, to help break down the excess toilet paper so that the toilet can increase efficiency.

Another professional solution to a broken toilet is a plumbing auger. This is a useful tool that includes a special cable to loose and remove clogs. This is also popular in the mission to help find toys, and other items in the pipes. Some issues can lead to the main line in which a professional team can take the proper actions to make sure your issue is resolved.

Professional service and installation

When your toilet is beyond an at home plunger repair, call your Manalapan plumber in New Jersey for all of your toilet needs, including installation. Our experienced team can get the job done quickly and efficiency with our 18 years of experience. We know how to solve all your heating, electric and plumbing needs. Your satisfaction means a lot to us and we will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy. Call today at (732) 786-9231.