Emergency Heating Repair Services in New Jersey

Emergency Heating Repair Services in New Jersey

Emergency Furnace Repair Services in New Jersey

When a furnace or boiler fails, time is of the essence. Besides causing uncomfortable living conditions, lack of heat in a home can quickly lead to freezing pipes and much bigger issues.

When your furnace or boiler fails, count on Team Electric for emergency heating repair services. We guarantee our technicians will be at your home in one hour or less from the time you call. With over 20 years of experience, our skilled technicians are trained in all major furnace and boiler brands.

When you’re in need of heating system services, contact our team of HVAC technicians. We offer emergency heating repair services in areas such as Princeton, Trenton, Manalapan, Tom’s River, Elizabeth, Brick, and Manchester, New Jersey.

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Are you having issues with your furnace? Contact our team of heating specialists to receive assistance with emergency heating repair services in New Jersey.



Common Furnace & Heating System Issues

Having trouble with your furnace? We’ve compiled a list of the most common furnace and emergency heating repair issues. If your furnace isn’t working, one of the following may be at play:

Clogged Air Filter

An air filter clogged with dust and debris can reduce airflow in your home. Eventually, this will cause your furnace to shut off entirely. Remember to replace the filter in your furnace every three months to avoid emergency furnace repair issues.

Thermostat Problems

If your furnace seems to have a mind of its own, you may want to check the thermostat. Programmable thermostats need to be reprogrammed with a change in season. If your heat isn’t kicking on as you think it should check to see if the thermostat is programmed correctly.

Strange Noises

If you’re hearing strange noises coming from your furnace, it’s time to call an HVAC technician to perform an emergency heating repair. Strange noises can be signs that something is loose or broken in your furnace system and is in need of repair.

Ignition Problems

To provide better efficiency, modern furnaces no longer rely on a constantly lit pilot for ignition. Now, when a furnace isn’t igniting it can mean an issue with the internal ignition system. Our team offers emergency heating repair services to homes in New Jersey and is able to repair the ignition hardware in your system.

Burner Issues

When a furnace ignites but is not blowing out warm air, this is most commonly due to a burner issue. Often a burner needs a simple adjustment or cleaning to fix the problem.

Belt or Blower Problems

High-pitched squeaking sounds coming from your furnace most likely indicate a belt or blower problem. Since the belt and blower are located inside the unit, we recommend scheduling an emergency furnace repair appointment with our team to remedy this issue.

Common Boiler Issues

Boilers can provide consistent, radiant heat throughout the home. When the system fails or is not working properly, your family’s comfort can suffer. If you notice your boiler acting up, one of these common boiler issues may be the culprit:

Broken Diaphragm, Airlock or Valve

When a boiler doesn’t seem to be producing the hot water needed to heat the home, a broken diaphragm, airlock or valve may be the issue. These internal pieces can sometimes fail, stopping the unit from heating. If you suspect any of these may be causing an issue, contact an HVAC professional. We provide affordable and reliable heating system services in areas of New Jersey such as Howell, Elizabeth, Tom’s River, Brick, and Trenton.

Boiler Leaking Water

A leaking boiler needs to be addressed ASAP. The leak could be caused by an internal break, external corrosion, or high pressure. In any case, leaks should be handled by a professional.


When a boiler begins making the sound of a kettle boiling on the stove, there is an issue at hand. Kettling in a boiler means calcium and other mineral buildups in your boiler are causing water to become trapped, causing a buildup of steam and restricting the flow of water in the unit. An emergency heating repair technician can flush out the boiler to remove this buildup and create a more efficient boiler.

Broken Pilot Light

If the pilot doesn’t stay lit, this may be due to poor or inhibited gas flow or it could be an indication of a faulty thermocouple. When dealing with gas ignition issues, it’s safest to call a qualified repair technician.

Low Boiler Pressure

If the pressure is too low, your boiler will not function properly. You can check the pressure gauge to see if the pressure is low. If it is, this may be a sign of a leak. Leaks should be handled by skilled technicians.

While you may be able to problem solve a few of these emergency furnace repair issues on your own, we advise calling in a skilled technician for proper repair.

Heating Emergency? We’ll Be To Your Door in One Hour Or Less – Guaranteed!

Furnace or boiler stopped working? Contact us to schedule your emergency furnace or heating repair service. Your comfort and safety is our top priority. That’s why we guarantee our experienced technicians will be at your door within one hour of your call.

Count on Team Electric for Your Emergency Heating Needs

No matter your heating emergency, you can count on Team Electric for fast, reliable service. When your comfort is compromised, our team of technicians will provide you with expert service, getting your home back to a comfortable temperature quickly. Schedule an appointment with the reliable crew at Team Electric today!

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