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Emergency Heating Services

Emergency Heating Service in New Jersey

There is nothing more frustrating than when you go to turn on your heater for the first time in the fall and nothing happens. Worse yet, your heater could be blowing icy air rather than the heated air you were expecting. New Jersey is famous for bitter cold winters. If your heater breaks during a cold spell, the water in your pipes could freeze. That could mean tearing into walls to replace split pipes and water damage. The last thing you need to do is suffer through the cold. The first thing you should do is call Team Electric, Plumbing and Air.

One call, Immediate Results

Don’t let the winter hold you hostage. If your furnace is down, pick up your phone and call us immediately. When it comes to emergencies, Team Electric is fast. Once we receive your call one of our experienced technicians will be to your door within an hour. Your comfort and safety is our priority. Our technicians understand heaters. No matter what brand or model you have, we know what to do to fix it. When you call Team Electric, you know that you are getting a licensed professional that will know what to do. We are problem solvers and we will repair any problem. And you will know the total repair cost upfront. We won’t hit you with hidden fees and sloppy workmanship. Team Electric has been doing professional service for the last 20 years. We have a team of award winning technicians that will solve your heating problem and leave you satisfied, warm and cozy.

Furnace Replacement

If you decide that you need more than a repair, we can help you with a replacement. We have a variety of furnace options that will keep your home toasty warm this winter. We can help you save money by installing the latest energy efficient models. Less money spent on heating means a fatter wallet.

If your furnace is down and old man winter is making a mess of you comfort–don’t wait–call Team Electric today at (732) 786-9231. We will have you warm and comfortable in no time.

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