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New Jersey utility bills. You gotta admit, it’s not your favorite piece of mail, especially when it’s accompanied with the gut wrenching blow after you see how much you owe. New Jersey has earned a reputation for having expensive electricity, so saving any amount of money on that bill is a treat. However, many homeowners aren’t aware that they could save hundreds, even thousands per year on their utility bills.

Installing energy efficient appliances is one huge way to save money on your household expenses, but thanks to New Jersey’s new money saving energy program, you can save even more!

Saving New Jersey residents energy costs

New Jersey’s new Clean Energy Program can save you thousands! Residents in New Jersey have up until June 30, 2016 to receive thousands in financial incentives. You may also qualify for energy efficient upgrades up to $10,000 with special financing with approved credit. Such an opportunity is too valuable to pass up! Using Energy Star solutions will not only decrease your monthly costs but also reduce your carbon footprint.

How to get started

First, you must schedule a home energy audit of your home by contacting an accredited and certified contractor like Team Electric. We can be reached at 732-201-3305. One of our consultants will go through your entire house and take inventory on the current energy situation in your home. Once the assessment is finished, you will receive a detailed report of the recommended solutions, along with the financial incentives available to help your home become more cost and energy friendly.

When you contact Team Electric for this assessment, we will provide you with the most thorough and comprehensive report available. Our technicians are professional and experienced in home energy saving methods and will be sure to provide you with the most information available.

Determine your eligibility

The next step would be to visit New Jersey’s Clean Energy site to determine if your home is eligible for these financial incentives. Once at this website, follow the instructions in determining your eligibility.

Residents in Manalapan and all over new Jersey could qualify for thousands of dollars in upgrades with just a little effort on your part. All it takes is finding a good contractor to give you a complete assessment. At Team Electric, we are happy to assist you in this process to move your home in a money saving, energy reducing direction.

What are the benefits of energy efficient upgrades?

There are many long term perks to energy upgrades through Home Performance with Energy Star. Not only will your wallet thank you, but the profits you will see down the road are invaluable. These include:

1.  Lower energy bills

2.  Reduced energy use

3.  A comfortable, safe, durable home

4.  Reduced carbon footprint

5.  Improved indoor air quality

6.  Carbon monoxide testing

7.  Greater peace of mind in your home

The benefits for New Jersey residents are many and letting this opportunity pass you by could mean the waste of thousands of dollars over the years. Calling a professional contractor as soon as possible to complete your home assessment is vital to getting you the energy saving incentives that are available right at your fingertips!

Team Electric is there to walk you through it

Don’t let the daunting task of completing this process deter you. Our technicians will be available at every step of the way to help you. Getting you as much information available, answering your questions, and professionally completing your home assessment are ways we can help you get closer to a more energy friendly, comfortable home in the end.

Call Team Electric Plumbing & Air today at 732-201-3305 and we will help you get started!

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