Home Rewiring Repair & Installation in New Jersey

You have probably heard about people rewiring their homes. In New Jersey we have a lot of homes that are more than 50 years old. If your outlets are burning up appliances, the circuits in your circuit breaker are always tripped (or blown fuses in really old homes), or you notice burning around your outlets, it is time to call in a certified electrician with Team Electric Plumbing & Air. We can help you diagnose the electrical issues and if you need your home rewired. We will work with you, to make sure your voice is heard, and that the job is done to your satisfaction.

Why Rewire?

As homes grow older, newer technology emerges making homes safer and more comfortable. Time for a quick history lesson.

Aluminum Issue

Back in the 1960’s and early 1970’s the price of copper skyrocketed. For average homeowners at the time, that meant installing aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring is an inferior product. Aluminum is softer and prone to damage. They also have a bigger problem with creeping. Creeping is all about the movement of the aluminum wires. As electricity moves through the aluminum it heats up more than copper and the wires stretch. This movement, or creeping, can cause rubbing and friction with other surfaces. The wires can be damaged. Overtime, homeowners began to notice a few problems with their electricity in the aluminum wired home. These small gaps in the electrical wires can cause shorts, flickering lights and overheating. The overheating is the biggest concern because it can lead to a catastrophic house fire.

Knob & Tube Issue

Homes that were built in the 1880s to 1940s will have knob and tube wiring, unless someone has already remodeled the home. Knob and tube wiring has ceramic components that the separated wires will either connect to or run through. There is nothing inherently unsafe with knob and tube designs. Since their wires are separated they are able to dissipate heat more effectively than today’s wires. That doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. First off, knob and tube wires lack a ground which means they are not compatible with three pronged appliances. This issue can easily be solved. Ground conductors were not used either, but you can add these into an existing system. Another issue is the materials in knob and tube. They were not made with water in mind. If heavy moisture is an issue, the materials surrounding the knob and tube wiring will deteriorate.

One of the biggest problems with knob and tube wiring are the alterations made by the inexperienced. Alterations come in many forms, but the most common are spliced wires. Homeowners would splice the knob and tube wires to run more wires. Splices are trouble, if done incorrectly they can create a fire risk. So while there is nothing inherently wrong with knob and tube wiring, amateur alterations is the biggest problem.

Your Rewiring Solution

When you call Team Electric Plumbing & Air, you are putting our years of experience to work for you. We will give you an upfront bid that will help you understand the costs involved with rewiring. We don’t have hidden fees and we won’t tack on strange charges. With Team Electric on your side, you are getting the best New Jersey electrician for your home, call today (732) 786-9231.