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New Jersey has unique electrical challenges. Historic homes and outdated wiring can create problems in your home or business, especially with all of the electronics and appliances modern buildings demand. Safety also can be an issue. Blinking lights and faulty wall sockets are more than inconvenient; they may be cause for concern.
A reliable and safe electrical system can give you peace of mind. Our professional service team can solve your electrical problems and make the necessary repairs and adjustments necessary to bring your home or business up to code. Enjoy all the benefits of dependable wiring for your new entertainment system or repairs that allow you to vacuum your home with the TV on without blowing a fuse.

Get Wired

Electrical issues are often due to faulty wiring. Many older wiring systems are not up to modern electrical demands, posing a safety risk. Aluminum wiring is a good example of an unreliable wiring system. Team Services can help upgrade your home’s wiring and bring it up to modern demands and safety codes.
In addition to rewiring services, Team Services offers emergency repairs. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with rapid emergency response.

Upgrade your system

Team Services can also replace your electrical panel board. We have extensive experience replacing problematic and older Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electrical boards. If you have one of these panels, please call us for a safety inspection.
In addition to upgrading the systems of older homes, Team Services can help with capacity upgrades for new home additions, air conditioning and heat pump systems, as well as spas and other electrical needs. If you need more power, we are able to boost your electrical capacity with upgrades from single to three-phase.

Peace of mind and safety

We offer ground fault circuit interrupters to help improve your home’s safety. We also upgrade old fuse systems to modern circuit breaker standards.
No matter what your electrical needs may be, we offer you professional, courteous service for your home or business. For your additional peace of mind, we provide up-front pricing options and a satisfaction guarantee.
Team Services is your neighbor. We help you enjoy life in New Jersey a little more; with safe, reliable electrical repairs and wiring in your home or business. Give us a call today.

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