Electrical Outlet & Switches Replacement & Installation Services in New Jersey

If you are tired of looking at your old switched and electrical outlets, did you know that there is a lot of new technology in the field of electricity? Team Electric Plumbing & Air has the options for some of the newest switches and outlets on the market. If you are looking to add a new feel to the electricity of your home, we can help. Here are a few of the innovations you could have in your home.

Floor Plan Light Switch: Do you have a bank of light switches and you are always getting confused about which one controls which area? The floor plan light switch solves the problem. Instead of switches, there is a small panel that looks like the floor plan of your home or room. The lights for the corresponding area tie back in to the switch. The smart design means you will never have to play the guess the light switch game. All you need to do is press the area on the floor plan switch and the lights will come on.

Safety Plugs: How many times have you heard of unfortunate event were a toddler has put something into an outlet and been electrocuted? Safety plugs are now the standard for new homes. The safety plug has plastic pieces that block the holes of the outlet. They are pressure sensitive. All of the holes in the outlet have to receive pressure at the same time in order to open. This means that plugs go in great, but foreign objects that a toddler tries to put inside, won’t. You will notice that it might take a bit more effort to plug something in, but that bit if effort is worth it when it comes to protecting children.

USB Plugs: With all of the technology of today using USB plugs, you can actually have USB ports in your wall outlets. That’s right. You can have standard outlets and USB ports in the same outlet. These plugs work great for home theater sound systems and your phone, tablet and smart devices.

Remote Control Lighting: Home automation is become more and more popular. You can change your thermostat and set your security system all with your smart phone. You can even have your lighting controlled remotely. That’s right; if you are on a plane and realize that you left all of your lights on, you could turn them all off with your phone. Once the remote system is installed imagine how much fun you could have turning the lights off on your kids.

Rotating Power Strips: If you have ever hated how different shaped plugs make a power strip unusable, there is an easy solution. The rotating power strip allows each outlet to be rotated, that means you can move the plugs to meet your needs. Any size of plug will fit when you can rotate the outlets.

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