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New Jersey Water Filtration

New Jersey was hit by some intense winter storms this past year and because of this, we’ve been told that our drinking water will be saltier. Why? Well, with all the salt spread on the roads, this gets washed off into our lakes, streams, and water supply, thus creating saltier drinking water. Along with salt, there are other heavy minerals that, due to environmental factors, increase in the drinking supply.

Guzzling glass after glass of this drinking water might not pose many health risks, but the fewer heavy minerals or salt in our diets can lead to healthier lives. Water filters in your home remove most of these unnecessary elements making it taste better.

Carcinogenic Chemicals in New Jersey Water

Cancer-causing chemicals, or carcinogenics, such as Chromium-6 is a popular topic in the water filtration community. New Jersey residents should pay special attention to the recent headlines pertaining to this toxic substance linked to cancer due to the fact that the majority of Americans effected by this chemical are in New Jersey! Even with little exposure to Chromium-6, it is still linked to causing cancers, liver damage and reproductive and developmental problems. Other types of carcinogens and neurotoxins found in water supplies include: benzene, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, dimethyl disulfide, carbon disulfide, Napthalene, trimethyl benzene and the list goes on.

Hague Water Solution for Water Treatment

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There are fortunately solutions that can be readily found locally to improve your home’s water quality. The use of water softeners and water filtration will help reduce you and your loved ones exposure to harsh and harmful chemicals that you may be ingesting every day without realizing it. Team Electric Plumbing and Air have prioritized our customer’s water filtration health by implementing water filtration and water softener installations that make it easy for you and your family to transform your water quality to a safer standard.

Hague Quality Water International is the oldest major water treatment manufacturer in the U.S. under continuous family ownership. Hague Water designed and manufactured the WaterMax MaxPack home water filtration  system which Team Electric Plumbing and Air is proud to start implementing in New Jersey homes. It has a Reverse Osmosis system that will get rid of odors and eliminate poor taste to provide the best water quality possible to customers. The WaterMax MaxPack uses 9 filter stages to removing sediment to just 5 microns.

Benefits of Soft Water for Your Home

If you’ve experienced that itchy, scratchy, dry and sticky feeling after a shower, you have hard water. Those minerals build up in your water thus clinging to your skin, making your skin feel flaky and uncomfortable. The benefits of switching your water from hard to soft include:

Better bathing: When your water is soft, soap washes away clean, leaving you feeling silky smooth after a shower.

Cleaner clothes and dishes: With a soft water installation, your clothes will be soft and fluffy and your glasses will come away spot-free and crystal clear.

Easier on appliances: An excess of lime and calcium in your water also adds to the soap scum in your shower and the crusty gunk that accumulates on the spout of your faucets.

Longer life for appliances: Buildup of lime and calcium in your appliances make them run slower and inefficiently, leading to their inevitable, premature demise.

Let the experts help!

When you’re ready to add a water softener to your home, Team Electric Plumbing and Air is there for you every step of the way. Why live with dull, lifeless hair any longer? We will help you install a water softener so your hair will be shiny, full of body and not weighed down by heavy minerals ever again. Our technicians are experienced and ready to set your home up with clean, crystal clear water today, so give us a call at 732-490-1186!