Gas Furnace Repair & Installation in New Jersey

Gas Furnace Repair in New Jersey

We offer gas furnace repair and installation services in locations such as Princeton, Old Bridge, Elizabeth, Jackson, Freehold, Middletown, Trenton, and Howell, New Jersey. Our team of technicians also offers ductless mini split install services to help improve the comfort in localized areas of your home.

You have heard the hype. There are many who claim that an electric heater is better than a gas furnace. Walk down through a large chain store and you will find an aisle dedicated to space and electric heaters. Though the manufactures claim maximum efficiency and a low initial purchase costs, in the long run your wallet and savings account will feel lighter with a gas furnace.

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Gas Furnaces Have Cost Less to Operate

Though the upfront costs of a gas furnace are higher, operation costs are much lower than their electric counterparts. Natural gas is historically less expensive than electricity. If you rely on electric heaters, you can expect to spend nearly triple the money for the same amount of heat. Now if you add in expected life spans, your gas furnace should last about 15 years and can last longer with proper care and maintenance. You will go through several electric heaters in that amount of time. In addition, natural gas is cleaner. When natural gas is burned, carbon dioxide and water are produced. Your electricity comes mainly from coal fire power plants. Coal creates far more waste products than natural gas. Our heating technicians offer gas furnace installation, replacement, and repair options in locations such as Burlington County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Mercery County, New Jersey.

Reliable Gas Furnace Installation Options in New Jersey

If your furnace isn’t heating the way it should, or you are tired of high electric bills from electric heaters, you can call Team Electric. Our technicians offer fast and reliable gas furnace installation and repair services in New Jersey.  If you have questions about efficiencies and cost saving, then we have answers. We carry all the major brands and can help you save money with the latest technologies. Our gas furnace technicians have experience with all, that’s right, ALL bands of furnaces. We can service and repair anything in your home. If you are experiencing a heating emergency, one of our experienced technicians will be to your home in one hour. When it comes to gas furnace repair, we are serious about your comfort. You rely on your furnace to keep water pipes from freezing and your home a refuge from the cold. We want to help you keep it that way. If you have a heating problem or need a new furnace, call Team Electric today at 732-201-3305. We will have your home warm in no time.

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