How an Attic Fan Can Make You Cooler

How an Attic Fan Can Make You Cooler

What’s that sizzling you hear? That’s the proverbial egg you could cook on your roof while it’s in direct summer sunlight.

Did you know an Attic can be up to 50 degree’s hotter than the rest of your house during hot summer months? That means even with moderate 80-degree summer weather, the temperature in your attic could reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Your house is on Earth but now your attic is on Venus—a place where no human can live.

Cooling the Expenses

With a good attic fan operating during hot summer days you can reduce the temperature in the attic by that fifty degrees, reducing the overall house temperature by ten to fifteen degrees.

Reduction of your house temperature results in reducing your air conditioning expenses up to 30%. Translation—you are saving money.

Drying up Future Costs

Another excellent reason to get an attic fan is that moisture from cooking and showers can build up in your attic and result in mold. An attic fan can dry that moisture and move it out of the attic before it can damage your insulation, wood structure, and roofing materials. Moisture in your attic can be especially damaging during the winter when it could turn to ice and damage your roof, causing leaks and worse.

Better to take action now rather than wait until you start noticing all the dark circles forming on your ceiling and the drops of water starting to shower down on your wood floors, expensive carpets, and sensitive electronics.

Even More Savings

Save some money and go green. Solar attic fans can earn you a 30% federal tax credit and other perks on the state level for going green. A typical solar fan can pay for itself in savings after 2 to 4 summers of use. After all–you need it most when the sun is directly on your roof.

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